Need for positive attitude.

Why do we need to give an effort to be positive and why do we talk so much about positive attitude?

Now a days people are so stressed. Look at me, sometimes I feel like I need a break and want to run away somewhere alone to be with myself.
Why this feeling of running away from everything and to be with ourselves arises?

Why we feel so stressed?

The only answer I found was that, people try to live two faced life – one for themselves and one for others.

What do I mean by that?
Let’s understand this.

Most of the time we behave to impress others or how others expect us to behave. We try to live by the standards set by people around us.
We are taught to believe and behave according to what people say. Including me. I was taught that a girl should know cooking otherwise she will not get good husband. Education is a second priority for girls, learning household chores are more important to have a good married life. I grew up with these beliefs of society.

Simple and content lifestyle

Many times we might not be able to say or express ourselves properly due to some conflicts in our mind about what is right or wrong, because of our conditioned belief. We behave completely different when we are alone. We may react differently to the situation when we have to take decision by ourselves. Before, people were open in their behaviour. They were living a simple lifestyle with a feeling of contentment. They were not pretending to be powerful, successful or happy. They were happy with how they were. They were more spiritual and positive. And now the life is like a competition. You have to behave according to the society standard to prove yourself.

But how long you can carry on with this double standard attitude. You need to change your mindset.

Sometimes we see ourself through others’ judgement. We try to ‘fit in’ the way people around us want us to be. This eventually creates the fear of being judged. People will keep judging you no matter what you do, but you need to carry on with your intellect and what you believe is right and not let others decide for you. It’s you, who creates and breaks your own standards, boundries and beliefs. After all you are your own leader.

So, always keep a positive attitude and be optimistic. Try to be yourself. You don’t need to prove anything to others. Always see the situation with a positive perspective. People around you may be good or bad. But your positive mind will always help you to be who you really are.

Thanks for reading my post. Keep visiting! And be positive 💜


Fear is a feeling or a natural human emotion that everyone has experienced. And specially during this pandemic time, fear of losing is almost everywhere.

We fear for our health, our life, our failure. Because of this fear we are doing so many things which may seem stupid to others. Many times it happens that we lose our common sense and start doing or acting according to other’s suggestions only out of fear.

What we can do to overcome our fear?

The only way to overcome your fear is to believe. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself. You cannot eliminate your fear but you should except it and try your best to move on. Don’t fear a failure. But be thankful that because you failed, you learned something. Face your fear to overcome it. Be thoughtful and be real with yourself.

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How to control your fear?

  • You can control your fear by talking about it to your loved ones.
  • It’s absolutely OK if something is out of your control.
  • Divert your thoughts towards positive thinking.
  • Be mindful. Practice self-care, excercise daily, you can practice calming breathing exercise.
  • You will find your Peace of Mind. You can control your fear.

Don’t let your fear decide your limits and worth. It may be tough but the path of overcoming it will make you stronger and wiser.

Food story

Relationship between food and our feelings is no secret. As our elder has said, what we eat always affect the way we feel. Sometimes we tend to eat food according to our mood. Like when I am happy, I like to eat some sweets or cake. And when I am sad I like to eat some fried food. The choice of food can be different for different people, as it depends upon the basic nature of a person too.


Is there a connection between food and mood?

Yes, of course. If your blood sugar is low, you may feel tired and depressed. You may feel off-mood, so by eating or choosing food that gives you energy helps you to stay active.

Also according to ayurveda, Ahara (food) is one of the pillar of life. According to ayurveda, there is a link between food and six psychological expressions, such as lust, anger, greed, desire, attachment and ego. This connection is further discussed in terms of three state of being: Sattva– the content state. Rajas– the excited state. Tamas– the lethargic state. That means food can affect the state of mind or mood.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always good for a healthy diet.
Such foods are not completely harmful nor they are beneficial.
Sedative foods whose consumption deplete our prana or energy.

So, understand your mind and feelings and choose your food right. Stay healthy and stay happy. Also remember, whatever diet you follow, enjoy your food with a happy mind.

Happy mother’s day

Unconditional love







This poem is written by my daughter, specially for me. I am so happy and
so blessed. Thanks for coming into my life❤️

Wishing all a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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